Born in Lugano in 1955, he lives and works in Arosio, Canton of Ticino, Switzerland. His artistic education begins at CSIA, Lugano, where he studies graphic design, and ends at ESAV - School of Advanced Studies in Audiovisual Arts, Geneva, with the same curricula.

Between 1980 and 1987 he gets different Fine Arts Scholarships and Kiefer-Hablitzel Grants, which will lead to a number of group and solo shows in Switzerland and abroad.

Always linked to the representation of the inner and outer world in re- lationship with life and death, his artistic research finds its focus on the analysis of the human being, disclosing a particular interest in anything invisible to the eye:

“I’ve always been fascinated with the subtle thread that links the visible to the invisible. Who I am, what I do, breathe, think on this earth... these are questions that every human being invariably asks himself and which it is perhaps impossible to give an answer to... we keep on questioning our- selves though, maybe to exorcise the moment when everything ends.”

His (bi- and tridimensional) artworks are made out of organic and inor- ganic waste material, and they offer a kind of intimate journey within the physical body, in search for the inner nature of each depicted subject. The big tangled inner tubes, and the human and animal radiographic scans stitched together with needle and thread evoke the complexity and the fragility of living creatures; while the ephemeral ice sculptures re- mind us, by melting, of the passing of time and life. 


Must Gallery, Lugano

MUST GALLERY inaugura giovedi 11 maggio 2017 dalle ore 18.00 la mostra personale di MATTEO EMERY - OCCHICHIUSI


Mendrisio Museo d'arte

Con Paola Silvia Ubiali, Galleria Marelia, Bergamo