The sculptural installations representing mysterious military-weapon -like machines are made from the assemblage of tin and copper pharma- ceutical containers, where small quantities of human male and female sexual pheromons are collected, which – mixed together and diffused in the surrounding environment – create harmony and a sense of universal peace. 

"BIG LOVE BOMB" , 2014, alluminio, cm 180

"LOVE LOVE LOVE", 2013, alluminio cm 120

"BIG PRESSURE", 2013,alluminio, cm120

"SMALL PRESSURE", 2013,alluminio, cm 80

"Pheromonic power", 2015, cm 100

"Love pressure", 2013, alluminio, cm 120

"very small love pressure", 2013, alluminio

"Pheromonic bubble", 2015, alluminio, cm 60

Matteo Emery, 2013, work in progress