With the aid of needle of thread, human, animal, or primordial cells scans are a matter of expression. Through their transparency and the photographic negative effect, they become a transposition of an inner state and a spiritual quest. The assembled radiographies originate new shapes, within which a sequence of old stories is enclosed. The artistic aim of this operation is linked to the conception of living beings as peri- shable matter, which in the end will consist in nothing but an impression on a scan as a reminder of what they were made of. 

"carosello",1998,x/ray, cm300/200

"l'uomo che cade", 1997, x-ray, cm 50x100

"cascata di bébé", 1997, x-ray, cm 100x200

"cascata di bébé", detail

intensamente 3


plexiglass X-Rays, cellule primordialie cuciture

68x95 cm

cekhi/sarar, dente/gigante


plexiglas, X-Rays e cuciture

100x150 cm



plexiglas X-Rays, cellule primordiali e cuciture

70x130 cm

Intensamente 4


light box

cm 68x95